Welcoming Armageddon

What is our appetite for the end of the world? My lunch hour was spent debating solo against five coworkers on whether Russian-Ukrainian peace terms were an acceptable concept to even consider. It is a foregone conclusion to them that any concessions to Russia are inconceivable. When asked about how they saw the war ending,Continue reading “Welcoming Armageddon”

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

Naval is one of those internet voices who I’ve come across intermittently on a podcast, on Twitter, and by third-party reference. He was not someone I was supremely familiar with, but who, every time I heard him speak, said something of interest. I picked this book up to see if the goods were really there.Continue reading “The Almanack of Naval Ravikant”

We Should be Judgmental: An Argument from Potential

Potential The scene is of a family beside a grave, heads bowed. The sky dims, and the mother leads two children away. Looking back at his family leaving, the father stays for a moment longer. He grips a child’s crutch close to his chest and a tear falls from his face. The father lays theContinue reading “We Should be Judgmental: An Argument from Potential”