How to Have Impossible Conversations

I’ve had the pleasure of having many contentious conversations over the past couple of years. This book dissects many of the problems and cognitive distortions present in these types of arguments and poses solutions to all of them. All of the best techniques I’ve accidentally stumbled upon over the years (Rappaport’s Rules, understanding falsifiability, etc)Continue reading “How to Have Impossible Conversations”

The Undoing Project

The Kahneman and Tsversky collaboration produced some of the most interesting and consequential work in the social sciences of the past century. Michael Lewis is an excellent author, and told their story with enjoyable and exhaustive narrative. The reader gets to learn not just about what their psychological discoveries were, but how and why theyContinue reading “The Undoing Project”

The Great Mental Models, Vol. 1

Shane Parrish’s website Farnam Street is one of my favorite on the internet. His collection of mental models is large, clear, and concise. It is the inspiration for me to have begun collecting mental models. When I found out he was writing a book—or, more precisely, a series of books—I was ecstatic, and preordered thisContinue reading “The Great Mental Models, Vol. 1”

Busting The College Credentialing Monopoly

Our education and credentialing system is a historical artifact. The information age has moved libraries from the universities to the internet. Education is more available than ever before. Yet for many fields, credentialing remains in the sole hands of colleges and universities. It is expensive to educate in the higher education system. Why do studentsContinue reading “Busting The College Credentialing Monopoly”