The Madness of Crowds

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’m really quite a fan of Douglas Murray, he is such a clear thinker and writer. The “madness” he describes are really the numerous inbuilt contradictions within many of the new social justice movements. He, as a gay man, critiques the coalitions built upon sexuality, feminism, race, and transgenderism. Some of the many contradictions include:

• Men and women should be treated as equals, AND women are better than men.
• Men and women are not biological realities but social constructs, AND men and women need to biologically alter themselves to become the other sex.
• Identity is a construct so you can change your sex, AND identity is a biological reality so you cannot change your race.
• Race and culture are not inextricably linked, AND race and culture are inextricably linked.
• Racism is prejudice plus power, AND empowered minorities who are prejudiced are still not racist.
• Trans women are real women, AND trans women are not real women.
• Western countries are the worst because of how they oppress minorities, AND non-Western countries that are far more oppressive are somehow better or less in need of social critique.

Importantly, he makes explicit the growing connection between identity and politics. Under some ultra-left conceptions, Kanye West having supported Trump is an indication that he is no longer black. Peter Thiel doing the same means that while he may sleep with men, he is “not a gay man” (according to a prominent LGBT magazine). What started as good-hearted intention to help the disenfranchised has turned into nearly religious and over-the-top zeal. Empathy has completely blinded reason. Virtue signaling has overwhelmed actual virtue.

Very much appreciate Murray. I recommend to all interested.

Published by Jasper

Aspiring polymath. I do my best to understand all sides of an issue. I read primary sources and opposing viewpoints to get to the truth. I enjoy debate and can change my mind given sufficient reason.

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